Intro to Waacking Workshop w/ Tracey :: 8 Week-Series

April 14, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 9:15 pm

*New or a beginner to Waacking/Whacking?
*Took the past series but need a refresher?
* Want to enter the upcoming Beginner Waacking battle at Punk N Funk? (see below for more details)

Tracey Wong will be teaching an 8-week long intro to Waacking/ Whacking Workshop Series!
Drop-Ins are welcome, but participating in the 8-week series is highly encouraged.

>> Sundays @ the Beacon: Massive Monkees Studio from 8-915pm <<

More info on our FB page: 



Whacking or Waacking is a club-style dance and culture originating from LA’s underground disco scene in the 70s by the Black and Latinx gay community. It is about reclaiming one’s individuality and celebrating themselves as they are. The movement consists of moving ones arms to the beat to highlight sounds that the audience normally would not hear. There are also elements of punking (acting and taking on different characters), as well as posing. It is a style that is inspired by black & white films and tv series such as Batman, King Kong, Looney Tunes. It also takes inspiration from drag queens, Hollywood stars like Greta Garbo and Bruce Lee.

We will be going over the basic elements in waacking – whacking, punking, and posing. We will go through basics, across the floor and freestyle exercises, and will be connecting with our peers in some activities. Get ready to condition as well! 😀
*Classes will be focused on being able to have a solid foundation to help you FREESTYLE! Each workshop will build off of each other, but you are welcome attend ANY workshop as we will be reviewing. Tracey will be teaching and expanding on new material each week. Bring water! There will also be a vending machine available.

[ S C H E D U L E ]
WEEK 1 (Sun, 3/10)
– Daylight savings this day. Set clocks forward 1 hr!

WEEK 2 (Sun, 3/17)

WEEK 3 (Sun, 3/24)

WEEK 4 (Sun, 4/7)

WEEK 5 (Sun, 4/14)

WEEK 6 (Sun, 4/21)

WEEK 7 (Sun, 4/28)

WEEK 8 (Sun, 5/1)

PUNK N FUNK (Sat, 5/4)
– Encouraged to attend to spectate or compete! No pressure!

[ C O S T ]
$15 per workshop
All 8 workshops for $100
(Can only purchase pre-sale or the 1st workshop day! Save $20; that’s $12.50/workshop wowow!)

*Can drop-in any time. Feel free to message Tracey if you have any questions!
*Cash only; venmo also accepted

[ S L I D I N G . S C A L E . O P T I O N S ]
If funds are tough during this time, please do not hesitate to message us or Tracey at least 24 hours before the class as there are sliding scale options available. $0-$15. We want to be able to help make this accessible especially for marginalized communities so we can definitely work out another option. If you have any questions about what sliding scale is, we would also be happy to answer this as well!
We are a DM away!

[ R E G I S T R A T I O N ]
No need to pre-register. Come 15 minutes before class to sign in!
*Cash only; venmo also accepted
There will be an open hustle session happening until 8pm this time. Feel free to come at 6pm to dance with em and practice your Waacking!

[ A C C E S S I B I L I T Y ]
Parking is FREE all day on Sundays. There should be street parking all around the studio. Give yourself give yourself an extra 10 minutes to find some in case! There may be sports games happening sometimes!

There is 1 restroom at the Beacon

There is one step that is in the middle of the studio. You must go in and out of the studio to access the top and bottom step! The entrance is on King St. with a gradual incline.

[ L A N D . A C K N O W L E D G E M E N T ]
We would like to acknowledge that we are coming together to dance on the unceded ancestral lands of the Duwamish People.

NO FORMS OF BIGOTRY ALLOWED! Oppressive behaviors including but not limited to misogyny, racism, transphobia, and ableism will not be tolerated.

[ T R A C E Y . W O N G . B I O ]
Born and raised in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle, WA, Tracey Wong is a 1st generation Teochew-American dancer, educator, and community event curator. She is the Director of Malicious Vixens, a Waacking and Voguing performance group, and is formally trained in Waacking, Vogue, and Hip Hop and is the first regular Waacking instructor in Seattle. Tracey is an alumni member of the dance groups UW Hip Hop Student Association (dance captain/ choreographer), Studio 3 Company (co-director/ choreographer), Boogiezone Breed Seattle, the CRUW (choreographer), The Z Project, and The Purple Lemonade.

Tracey’s work has been featured in the Wing Luke Museum’s “House Party”, Seattle Arts Museum’s events “Remix” and “The Legendary Children”, Seattle Gay Pride Festival, Bumbershoot, and Flavr Blue at Capitol Hill Block Party’s Mainstage. She’s also worked with top brands such as Nordstrom Pop Up Shop and Microsoft.

Tracey competes internationally in the battle scene. She has recently been the winner of Vancouver Street Dance Festival (VSDF) 2018’s Waacking category in Canada. She has also been the winner of PDX’s Waacking battle “Nostalgia” (2016) three times in a row, Canada’s “Sweet 16” Waacking Category Battle (2018), and has placed top in the waacking category in NYC’s well known battles, Ladies of Hip Hop, Step Ya Game Up, and Waack Bazaar this past summer. She was a finalist in Seattle’s World of Dance 2016 Headbangerz Brawl and in LA’s International Whack/ Punk/ Pose Festival, Waackfest 2016. She also placed top 16 in Waacking two years in a row at the international street dance competition, Freestyle Session LA.

Tracey strives to continue to build a strong bond in the Seattle dance community and continues educating others about the rich history of Waacking while also learning more and more herself each day!

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