Waacking w/ Tracey (Beginner Adults)

February 20, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
What is Waacking?

Waacking is a club-style dance style originating from LA’s underground disco scene in the 70s by the gay Black and Latinx community. The movement consists of moving ones arms to the beat to highlight sounds that the audience normally would not hear. With arm movement being a huge part of waacking, there are also elements of punking (acting and taking on different characters), as well as posing. It is a style that is inspired by black & white films and tv series such as Batman, King Kong, Looney Tunes, Star Wars, Bruce Lee.

– Here is a video of Tracey that demos waacking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNPi9jyE5lo
Class Description
In this class, you will learn about the history of this style, basic to complex arm patterns, posing, punking, how to travel, and fun grooves with Tracey! Tracey ensures that class feels like a community and is a safe space for you to reach your full potential and to express your own individuality. All the foundation learned will help you apply it all into extremely fun freestyling exercises! 
Who is Tracey Wong?

Tracey Wong is a dancer, educator, and community event curator based in Seattle. She is a co-founder and co-director of Malicious Allure and is formally trained in waacking, vogue, and hip hop and is the first regular waacking instructor in Seattle. Tracey is an alumni member of the dance groups Boogiezone Breed Seattle, The Z Project, and The Purple Lemonade. She is currently a contributing choreographer for the all-female street styles group called The CRUW and co-directed the hip hop dance company Studio 3 Company.

Tracey’s work has been featured in Seattle Arts Museum’s events “Remix” and “The Legendary Children”, Seattle Gay Pride Festival, Bumbershoot, and Flavr Blue at Capitol Hill Block Party’s Mainstage. She’s also worked with top brands such as Nordstrom Pop Up Shop and Microsoft.

Tracey competes heavily in the Seattle battle scene under the alias “Malicious Hi-Chew”. She has been the winner of PDX’s Waacking battle “Nostalgia”, Seattle based vogue competition “En Vogue”, and is the champion for Seattle based all style battle “Matter of Movement 2016”. She was a finalist in Seattle’s World of Dance 2016 Headbangerz Brawl and in LA’s International Whack/ Punk/ Pose Festival, Waackfest 2016.

“I started waacking because it looked dope. The more I delved into this style, the more I learned to love it in its entirety. How it embraces individuality, drama, music, and history. It pushes me to reflect on myself and to explore the spectrum of emotions I can go through. Every time I waack, I tell myself that it is perfectly okay to be me.”

Tracey strives to continue to build a strong bond in the Seattle dance community and continues educating others about the rich history of Waacking while also learning more and more herself each day!

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