Hip Hop International


Thesis, Twixx and Flexum take 1st place at Hip Hop International in Las Vegas Nevada. Massive Monkees & Knuckleheads Cali. Check the brackets below.

Thesis’ recap of his experience and the event. “Winning HHI was a interesting win. Battling with both of my crews at once (KH, MM) was super fresh and felt good to be a bridge of such a good vibe. This being my first one and not really sure what to expect, I was caught of caught of guard by the caliber of who organizes it of the importance of the jam. 41 nations all in one building was truly a blessing to be apart of. We battled a crew from Trinidad, one from Germany, the Full Force from Vegas and then a Boston crew who had Flex Bebo and Jet on their squad. Being the winners we had to perform on the big stage the next day in front of thousands of people and we killed it! HHI is definitely a event to go to while its still here.”

1150927_637058429646449_136928203_nUp next Burn Battle School in Ukraine, U.K Bboy Championships World Finals and Fresstyle Session World Finals in Japan…

UK Championships U.S. Qualifiers in Las Vegas, NV


This January during a performance at the University of Tennessee, Tim “The Pit” Soriano suffered a major achilles tendon tear that now has him sidelined indefinitely. Tim’s plan for 2013 was to enter a handful of major battles that included the U.K Championships.  Although sidelined by his injury, Tim still played a major roll in rallying the crew to enter the UK Championships U.S. Qualifiers in Las Vegas, NV.

With Tim pushing to make it happen, the crew decided to commit to entering U.K. Champs. After making the decision to enter, the crew went to work prepping for the battle.  Hocine “Rok’Hus” Jouini took it upon himself to start organizing crew practices to get the crew synced up on routines and get the crew chemistry flowing.

Months of preparation took place… crew rehearsals & practices as well as individual training an conditioning. The last weekend of June 2013, sixteen Massive Monkees crew members, family and friends arrived in Las Vegas with a mission to win the U.K. Championships Qualifiers. Nine crew members entered the battle but the support of the entire crew, family and friends was present on the floor when MM beat out some of the best crews from the U.S. to take the win back home to Seattle.  The battles were not easy and the finals came down to multiple tie-breaker rounds to determine a winner. It was a tough victory but the work was put in, the vibe was right and we dug deep to grind out a win.  And no better place to celebrate then Las Vegas! =)



The celebration is over and now we have just under 2 months to focus in and prepare for battle representing the U.S.A against the best in the world at the U.K Championship World Finals in Birmingham England September 21st and 22nd. Wish us luck!

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Heres a list of individual highlights from the words of Rok’Hus to give you behind the scenes insight on the crew

JustBe: Your first round in the prelims…damn you showed wassup right away and inspire the rest of the crew for the whole day!!! So glad you a part of it! You paid the high price with your knee injury during the r16 preparation…but you came back stronger than ever!

Jeromeskee: Your leadership during that whole day, on and outside the dancefloor has driving us to success, each speech was key and inspired each one of us to give the best!

DialTone: Yo from the first meeting where you brought your whole family to the battles…bro you are on that next level and your motivation was an example for all of us, mad respect, I love you son!

Granite: Yo mon frère! This guy is in every routine, give so much to the crew, even go out during the tie breaker…wow don’t know what to say, you freaking mon frèringz for life!

Junior: So glad you came thru my brotha for real!!! Wouldn’t have be the same without you! I know you’ve been going thru some shit but at the end of the day you showed what champions are made of!

Domes: Don’t know what to say bro, so happy you here with us back on the sidelines, like I saw someone posted on fb, the scene need that originality check. From the car toprock to your solos you just represent the essence of what MM is!

SeanSteady: My lil brother…everytime I looked at him this weekend, it reminded me why I started dancing and why I am here with yall. Outflavored the whole battle born with one toprock damnit kid!!!

Thesis: Last but no least…sometimes I wonder if you are a human being…brought the win in a ultimate tie breaker. You are the MVP, but for me you are showing everything that makes a great champion. Last Monday when you still made it to practice after just landing from cali after an exhausting weekend, and after refusing a 1500$ gig in Brazil, for me that just show it all…Freaking love you!

I would like to shout out Tic Tock for getting in the crew and helping us with Hotel but also Flo, Nam (best 2013 dad!) Rod, Joe and Carlos for coming to support.

Last one for my brother TIM, this is for you, take that trophy home and look at it like it’s yours because it is, you deserve it as much as us.

Amazing for real, from the battle, to living together at 15 dudes in a suit, to kicking it, pool partying it, babysitting our lil Seanie or whatever else we acted as family.