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We are the best and only dance studio in the Seattle area who specialize in original Hip Hop, Street Dance styles and social party dances like Breaking, Popping, Locking and House. Partnering with some of the best teaching artists in our area we provide a diverse range of dance styles and classes for all ages.

The following are drop-in classes offered at The Beacon.  Pre-registration is not required.  Classes can be paid for per class or discounted packages are also available.

Break Tots w/ Anna (Ages 3-5)

Little dancers love to hit the floor! Kids will warm up by practicing coordination and rhythm dancing along with easy steps to fun songs. Then they will be guided through an energetic exploration of breakdancing movements including simple toprock, footwork, spins and freezes. Dancing games are always a big hit at the end of class.

FUNdamentals Kids Breakin w/ Anna (Intro to Breakin – Ages 6-12)

Kids will be introduced to breakin movements.  The benefits of taking this class is increased motor skills, flexibility, balance, rhythm, memory and strength while having fun, playing games and making new friends!

Breakin and Foundation w/ Anna (Ages 13+)

Students will learn and drill the foundation of Breakin; Top Rocks, Drops, Footwork and Freezes.

Breakin w/ Bboy Thesis (All Levels/Teens/Adults)

This class is offered 2x/week and focuses on the growth for each student in their own way. Journey through the foundation and concepts of breakin to not only strengthen your skills, but also your mind for further knowledge about breakin. This class will channel your strength, balance, technique, style, conditioning, history and dedication.

Funk Style w/ Groove Clan (Teens/Adults)

Students will learn basic footwork like twists, floats, glides, slides and walks.  In addition the instructor will teach students how to add these moves to basic boogaloo movements like rolls, walk outs and twist-o’s.

House w/ Orb  (Teens/Adults)

House is a social dance primarily danced to House music that has roots in the Chicago and of New York clubs. The main elements of House dance include Footwork, Jacking and Lofting. House dance is influenced by many cultures and styles, is improvisational in nature and emphasizes fast and complex footwork with fluid movements in the torso, as well as floor work. In this class we will drill basic House vocabulary, play with rhythm, vibe off each other in the cypher, and sometimes learn choreography. The intention of this class is to help build community by exposing students to various approaches by different teachers.  Dani Tirrel and Amy O’Neal started this class at The Beacon bringing in other instructors from Seattle and beyond to share knowledge and spirit.

Hip Hop/Jazz Choreo w/ Justice and Robin (All levels – Ages 10+)

Hip Hop/Jazz Choreo is a technique and choreography class that infuses elements of hip hop, lyrical and jazz into choreographed performance-level routines.  Students will learn the fundamentals of each style, focusing on coordination, syncopation, isolations, and exploring choreography that combines street dance with funk, jazz and a whole lot of personal style.

Waacking w/Tracey (Beginner Adults)

Waacking is a club-style dance style originating from LA’s underground disco scene in the 70s by the gay Black and Latinx community.  The movement consists of moving ones arms to the beat to the highlight sounds that the audience normally would not hear.  With arm movement being a huge part of waacking, there are also elements of punking (acting and taking on different characters), as well as posing.  It is a style that is inspired by black & white films and tv series such as Batman, King King, Looney Tunes, Star Wars, Bruce Lee.

In this class, you will learn about the history of this style, basic to complex arm patterns, posing, punking, how to travel, and fun grooves with Tracey!  Tracey ensures that class feels like a community and is a safe space for you to reach your full potential and to express your own individuality.  All the foundation learned will help you apply it all into extremely fun freestyling exercises! 

Locking w/ LockStatic (Teens/Adults)

In this class we will drill the vocabulary of locking and learn basic to intermediate patterns and combinations. This class will also focus on the soul dances that influence and improve our locking abilities, while focusing on playing with rhythm patterns and having fun in our freestyle.

Kids Break Academy (Ages 6+)

Kids Break Academy is offered on a quarterly basis.  These classes run for varying lengths of time depending on the quarter.  Registration and enrollment for entire quarter is required.

LEVEL ONE/TWO (Intro/Beginner)

Students with little to no formal dance experience.  This progressive series will introduce students to basic, beginner level, foundational moves of Breaking created by the pioneers of the dance style in the 1970s. It is important for B-boys and B-girls to learn the foundation to preserve the true B-Boy / B-Girl style. Students will get familiar with the capabilities of their bodies while learning new moves. Instructors will teach and review moves often to build students coordination, conditioning and confidence.

LEVEL THREE (Intermediate)

Students are first required to advance through LEVEL TWO with recommendation from the instructor.  New students with previous dance experience can receive permission from the Studio Director to begin at LEVEL THREE.  This progressive series will introduce students to intermediate level foundation moves. Students will put together move combinations and begin experiencing the competitive element of Breaking, the battle!

LEVEL FOUR (Advanced)

Students are first required to advance through LEVEL THREE with recommendation from the instructor.  This class will continue perfecting foundation moves but will also begin to explore concepts and ideas to develop students own unique styles and moves. Students will experience battling and begin creating routines.


Share the studio space with other dancers to practice moves and movement.  Open practice provides an open space and music with no instructor.


Our after school program teaches youth to reach their creative potential as individuals and community members through learning for life—developing their physical, mental and emotional awareness, understanding and skills—and a tiered-mentoring system that continues to inspire and develop the community.

We offer:

  • Dance lessons from Seattle’s Massive Monkees
  • Fun, unique, and engaging arts based programs to empower urban youth to lead healthy lifestyles and to realize their full potential as leaders.

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