“Way of the B-GIRL” – a new b-girl class starts this week!

What’s up, Massive Monkees community!? I’m starting a b-girl class at The Beacon!

"Way of the B-girl" is an introductory b-girl dance class taught by Anna Banana Freeze! Classes will take place during select Thursday evenings (8-9pm) in July & August 2013. Ladies - discover yourself through hip-hop!

 Do you or any other ladies you know want to LEARN TO BREAK as well as practice WITH OTHER FEMALES?

Then CHECK OUT this introductory B-GIRL dance class taught by Massive Monkees’ own, b-girl Anna Banana Freeze, for a LIMITED TIME only!

In this class, YOU will become empowered, be stronger and feel good as well as:

1.) Learn basic moves (toprocks, drops, footwork, freezes)
2.) Explore breakin’ concepts such as originality, style, character, battling, etc.
3.) Build strength and stamina as we continuously drill moves and sweat out stress during class!
4.) Discover truly awesome music
5.) Learn about b-girl history and discover b-girl role models from around the world
6.) Engage in discussion topics such as ‘how to ignore males’ and ‘you are a b-girl and an invididual’
7.) Have FUN!

What are you waiting for?! SHARE this event and COME THROUGH on the following 5 class dates:

– July 11
– July 25
– August 1
– August 8
– August 29

Peace & <3: Anna Banana Freeze 😉