The Beacon

World Champion Dance Crew Massive Monkees present Massive Monkees Studio: The Beacon, a creative space dedicated to producing, performing, and teaching art with an emphasis on the positive art forms of Hip Hop Culture.

The Beacon is a productive, safe and fun place that interacts with the community through arts-based programs that include a free youth after-school program, dance and music classes, and community events. Through our programs we engage people in fun activities that encourage creative expression and positive change.

The Beacon, was started as part of Storefronts Seattle’s Creative Enterprise program. Storefronts Seattle is a program of Shunpike, a non-profit organization, which fuels innovation in the arts by building productive partnerships, cultivating leadership, and providing direct services to arts groups of all kinds. The Creative Enterprise program granted Massive Monkees this storefront space to run The Beacon programs through Spring 2013. Since then, Massive Monkees have extended to a long term lease to continue serving the International District neighborhood and surrounding community.


(Above: Anna Banana teaching “Mini Breaks”)

(Above: Sean Steady, Bboy Thesis)


(Above: Tic Tock)

Rock Steady WebMr.Wiggles Web_Pic-7---Free

(Above: Rock Steady Crew with Beacon students, Mr. Wiggles – Rock Steady Crew, Free – Soul Shifter / Circle of Fire)


Artistic Partnerships
We invite our community of artists in all genres to drop in and make use of this amazing creative space.



(Above: DJ Surreal – 206 Zulu, Sifu Taky Kimura – Highest Ranking Student of Bruce Lee, Ohmega Watts – Light Headed Crew)


(Above: Justice & Robin – Splinter Dance Company, Woes, Justo – The Physics with pretty girls)


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