Studio Rental Rates

Located just outside of Downtown in the International District of Seattle, The Beacon is a great space to host your special occasion. At over 2500 sq ft, we have hosted dance parties, birthday parties, poetry and book readings, film screenings, concerts and more…

Event Rental: $75/hour

Private Practice/Rehearsal Space: $30/hour

Commercial Rehearsals/Auditions: $40/hour

Workshops: $40/hour

Photo/Video Shoots: $40/hour

*NOTE: A 50% non-refundable booking fee is required for ALL rentals which will be applied to the Rental fee.  All rentals require a $20 staff fee in addition to rental fee.

For Event Rentals, an additional staff fee is required: $20/hour for rental hours + one hour. (Number of staff needed will vary depending on type of event).  Please keep in mind that your Rental Reservation must include your setup and cleanup times.

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